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I&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;ve been using the submission planning spreadsheet I talked about here and realized that a couple of tweaks would improve its functionality.

I added a column to enter the word count of your story, and formulae in the &http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8220;Projected Payment&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8221; column, so that now if you enter your word count and the pay rate for a particular market, the spreadsheet will calculate the projected payment for you (because I don&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;t know about you, but I&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;m all about doing as little actual math as possible). There&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;s also now a separate column for flat rate payments.

The instructions page has been amended accordingly.

Here&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;s the really cool part: if you&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;ve already started using the older version of the spreadsheet, don&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;t despair! Open your version and the new version in different windows on your desktop, and simply drag one of the updated sheets from the new version into your old version. It won&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;t update a sheet you&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;ve already started, of course, but you can use the new version for any new ones you start. You can take advantage of the new features without having to start a new file.

The new file is now linked below and on the original post&http://www.sherrydramsey.com/#8217;s download page. Happy submission planning!

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